Wednesday, August 20, 2008

To Do Lists

I had a conversation the other day with my sister, Sunnie. She is a school teacher and had the summer off. She was telling me that when she went back to school to set up her room, she and the other teachers couldn't believe summer was already over because they didn't get ANY of their list of projects done. All the crafty things they thought they would have time for when they weren't teaching, were still sitting, untouched.

As school starts up again, I too have a huge list of projects that I will get done while the boys are at school and the two little ones are napping during the afternoon. I hope I get to at least half of them.

I always seem to have one to do list going at least. Somehow writing it all down and crossing it off make me feel like I've accomplished something. I'll admit, some days the list is full of things like: shower, dishes, lunch.......but some days are harder to be a mom than others and we need that sense of accomplishment where ever we can get it right? How many of you also have a never-ending to do list?


Chase & Dani said...

I've always got one too... mine's probably not that bad since I'm not a mom, but I still feel like I hardly ever get it all crossed off!

Lately I've been adding 'watch the Olympics' ...just so I can have something to cross off! =)

Burrup Family said...

I seem to accomplish not much lately but I have had so much fun spending time with the kids that I guess that was what I crossed off for the summer. Now I will try to get something accomplished with school starting.