Monday, March 28, 2011

Celery & Chicken

I'm finally back to blogging after a way to long absence. I just couldn't resist posting two stories from Ethan and Dylan. It seems like the boys are always up to something or just plain saying some of the craziest things. Yesterday for dinner, Gary put some chicken drumsticks on the grill. Ethan was really enjoying his as evidenced by the BBQ all over his mouth, chin, cheeks, hands, and even nose. He turns to Gary and asks, "Dad, is this a chicken leg?" Gary told him yes and then Ethan asked his follow-up question. "Is it the front or the back leg?" Really? Guess it's time to show him some chickens. Maybe all the elk viewing has left him with the impression that all animals have four legs. And all this time we've been saying that Ethan is one of the smart ones.

At lunch today Dylan was trying to put more on his plate than he weighs. He had hot dogs with ketchup, cantaloupe, and celery sticks and ranch and started asking for some chips. We told him he needed to eat some of his lunch first so there would be room for chips. The plate was completely full. Gary and I obviously weren't paying attention because a few minutes later he had all his celery sticks balancing on each other in a celery stick tower and said, "I have some room right here. Now can I have some chips?" It's painful to be outsmarted by your three-year-old over and over.