Thursday, April 22, 2010

Scooby Doo

This morning Dylan asked to watch Scooby Doo. The problem is Dylan is incredibly scared every time he watches it. This is how our conversation went:

Dylan: Can I watch Scooby Doo?
Me: You get too scared when you watch it.
Dylan: No I don't. Can I? Can I? Can I?
Me: Okay, fine.

As soon as the intro was over and the movie started, it showed a ship on the ocean being swallowed by a sea monster in the Bermuda Triangle.

Dylan - eyes wide and hands animating his words: I just saw a BIG monster! A BIG monster!
Me: It's just pretend.
Dylan - as he's making his exit: No it wasn't! It was a BIG monster!

I think he watched the movie less time than it took me to set it up. On the up side, Ethan likes Scooby Doo!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Life Changes

A few months ago, our Branch President announced he had signed his retirement papers. This may not mean much in most places in the church but, at least in the Grand Canyon Branch, it has major impact. You can only live in this amazing place if you are employed here. All housing is company owned. Retirement in this community means you will be moving soon and moving more than a couple houses away.

As soon as the announcement came, the Holy Ghost began preparing our family. I'm not saying we were hoping for the call. Just the opposite in fact. Gary was happy to be a counselor and I was happy in the Relief Society but, the Lord knew we would need to be prepared. A couple of weeks ago we got the call to meet with the Stake President and it needed to happen in the next couple of days. Thank goodness we have amazing sisters in our branch that would take time off work to tend our children while we went to Flagstaff for a long, long night.

Even though we knew what was coming, it was still so overwhelming and humbling when the call was actually extended. How can our little family be the examples we need to for this branch? I have no doubt Gary can do and amazing job as the Branch President but how can the rest of us hold up our end?

Sunday he was sustained and set apart. He was also made a High Priest. It was an emotional and amazing day. To see that mantle descend on his shoulders and to know that I am married to a man worthy of that calling made it such a spiritual day. The blessings were given and the work began.

Now I'm here wondering how do I support him and not ask questions and not talk to my husband about normal frustrations with church because he isn't just my husband anymore, he's now the ecclesiastical leader of our small band of mighty members. There are so many things that will stay the same and so many things that are going to be different.

Before the calling came, Satan also knew what was happening. He tried his best to get to us and, I almost hate to admit it, he did get to me more than once. Looking back it is easy to see where he tempted and tried us. Where our patience was worn thin, where we were easily annoyed, where we couldn't see the good and where things looked hopeless - all marks of our cunning advesary.

We have been so blessed since accepting the calling. Our relationship is so much stronger. Our kids are behaving so much better - I know it may be a temporary blessing! The support from our other members and family has been amazing. The new counselor and his wife seem like the perfect fit for our branch. Our prayers are more meaningful and our scripture study more reliable. Opportunities to attend the temple have just fallen into place. Every where we turn, we are being blessed.

As we start this new chapter in our lives, I pray that the members continue to love and support us as a family and Gary as their Branch President. I hope they remember that we aren't perfect and we will have our moments but we are trying to live the gospel the best we can. I hope we can be an example to those around us and that our children can continue to grow and mature in the gospel. I also pray that there will be enough time in the day for everything that needs to happen. We always need the Lord's help but boy do I feel like we could use a bit extra right now!