Sunday, May 17, 2009

Next Chapter

Ready for a shocker? Gary and I are moving to.............the GRAND CANYON! Yep, the one and only Grand Canyon. I'm still a bit in shock myself. We will be living on the South Rim in a tiny town called Tusayan, Arizona. The move will happen sometime around the middle of July so we can get the boys settled before school starts down there on August 11. It's crazy. We'll go down in the next few weeks for a house hunting trip and I'll post pictures then. Just wanted to update quickly about why the next few months will be VERY VERY sporadic when it comes to blogging most likely. How on earth do you get a house ready to sell and keep it clean for people to see with four little boys? Wish me luck!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Ethan!

It was four years ago today that you were born and I wonder where the time has gone. From the moment we saw that priceless cowlick on your forehead, we knew you were a special little man.

You have such a fun personality. I can learn so much from you each day as you JUMP into life with a smile. Everything is fun. Everything is animated. Everything is given 110% with you! You are such a smart little boy and love learning. I've never experienced a child who is really and truly sponge like. Everything around you is a learning experience in the making and the questions you come up with often leave your Dad and I stumped! What are we going to do when you get older?!?

One of your greatest gifts is the way you interact with people of all ages. From visiting Marge next door to playing with Emma in school, you love people and are always looking for ways to make them happy. I don't think you can understand why someone isn't happy!

Always a morning person, you hop out of bed at the first hint of morning - sometimes before 5:30 even - and sing your little happy song, "It's morning time! It's morning time! It's morning time!" Thank goodness your Dad is more of a morning person. The two of you often spend time hanging out in the morning before anyone else it awake.

For months now, you have been anticipating your birthday. For some reason, you've decided that your name will change when you turn four. I guess E, EJB, Z, X-Man, Ethan, Ethan Jax, aren't enough for you! I can't wait to call you Guido because it makes me smile to even say it! You've told us that we can't use that name until you're four so today is the day!

I love you little man! I hope this next year has as many adventures as you can handle. Thank you for being my buddy and making me see the world in such a new and fun light each day.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Tooth Fairy

Yesterday Gary pulled out one of Logan's many loose teeth. My boys don't seem to mind having a loose tooth. In fact, they seldom wiggle it. I have to remind them. They can have loose teeth for months on end it seems. Right now, Logan has about three loose ones in his mouth still. It drives me crazy! I want to get in there and wiggle them for them.

Anyway, I've gone off on a tangent. The whole story is about the tooth Gary pulled out. We told Logan to put it in a zip-lock bag and put it under his pillow. The boys have TINY TINY teeth and they are mortified if they lose it sometime between putting it under the pillow and going to sleep that night. Logan had his securely - we thought - in his bag and went down to bed to await Gary tucking them in. When Gary entered the room, Logan was swinging his bag around in the air and then, much to his horror and dismay, realized his tooth was no longer in the bag. Begin the screaming, wailing, and overall fit-throwing here.

Gary, the loving dad he is, spent about 30 minutes on his hands and knees looking for the minuscule tooth in a sea of shaggy carpet but, alas, it wasn't to be found. We explained the whole consequence thing AGAIN to Logan and went to upstairs still undecided if the Tooth Fairy would visit or not. As the night wore on, the Tooth Fairy softened her stance and decided to visit with the much coveted dollar anyway.

As she was placing the dollar oh so carefully under the pillow so she wouldn't wake the sleeping Logan - who is the second lightest sleeper after Dylan in the Bishop home - she felt something under his pillow. It wasn't the tooth. Instead, it was a piece of paper with a note lovingly written in red colored pencil.

"Dear tooth feire

My Dad poled my tooth out! then when I toock it dawn to my room I lost it I hope you find it. P.S. Look on the back



And the back:

"I lost it in my room"

That kid is a problem solver! And for a first grader, I don't think his spelling was TOO bad.