Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Museum Opening

Many of you will be surprised to learn that Chubbuck had a museum opening last Saturday. Personalized invitations were sent out to a select few (Mom, Dad, Aunt Amy) and the time was set in stone, 9:15. The day came and Gary and I were summoned to the museum. We were given tickets and were met by a few signs on the way to the museum and then greeted by the cutest ticket taker ever.

It was quite an elaborate affair complete with hands on stations, a book display and a bottom-bunk art show. Sorry you couldn't join us. It was a limited engagement and has since moved on to another location.
Dylan really enjoyed the show and the hosts, or "tor" or "tar pases" (tour pass), were really quite gracious!

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Farm Photos Continued

Tom, chillin' on the combine. He keeps telling me that when he's older, he wants to work on the farm for the summer. We'll have to see about that!

Can you say muscles? We thought the tractor may need a bit more weight in the front and added all 35 pounds of Ethan.

Dylan loved "driving" the four-wheeler. Tom was sitting right next to him on a bigger machine but to Dylan, he was the man. He could climb on and off by himself so that meant he was big enough to drive. Just ask him!

Logan hanging out in the wheel of the combine. Lo isn't a small kid if that tells you how big the front wheel on a combine is.

From top to bottom we have Tom, Logan, Ethan, and Dylan on a conveyor belt. They weren't so sure at first that climbing up there was a good idea but then we had to remind them they could climb to the top if we weren't there by them. Boys!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Different Ages, Same Size

While we were at the farm, we spent time with cousins and aunts and uncles. Dylan LOVES LOVES LOVES babies and all he wants to do when he sees one is hold them. If you don't pay attention to his request, he will just go over and try and pick up the baby on his own. Independent rascal he is. Ryder is his younger cousin on my side. I say younger because smaller doesn't really apply. He's adorable and chunky to say the least. At six months old, Ryder could share a closet with a 21 month old Dylan. They are polar opposites in size. It cracks me up. Dylan still has about 3 pounds on Ryder though and he does have mobility on his side.
Ryder couldn't get enough of his siblings and some of the cousins watching him.

Little did he know they were actually watching the movie and didn't really know he was in front of them at all!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Today is the day, I guess. Kyssa has slowly been going down hill for a few months now and he stopped eating over the weekend. We've finally come to that place Gary and I were both dreading - the last vet appointment.

He has been such a great dog. We got him in June of 1999 and he was our first-born until Tom arrived in December. He has always been so good with the kids and loved giving kisses. Even though he was big and black and scary looking, all he wanted to do was lick you to death.

He was also my protector when Gary was gone on a fire and spent many a night lying right beside me as I slept, keeping me company. As kind-hearted as he was, I knew he wouldn't let anyone hurt me or the kids as long as he was on watch.
Kyssa, we love you! We'll miss you!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Farm

We made it to the farm. You wouldn't think that would be such a big deal since it's only four hours away but for our family, four hours has been about our limit. Dylan didn't want to sleep even though he hadn't even napped yesterday in an attempt to have him sleep during the ride over. I take that back. He did sleep from about American Falls to Burley and from the state line to the farm. About thirty minutes total. The other 3 1/2 hours were spent trying to get him to be happy and not crying or screaming. He doesn't travel well I guess you could say. He is pretty funny though. When he cries lately, he covers his face with both hands like his world is coming to an end. Bring on the drama. Tom, Logan, and Ethan all travel very well. In fact, they were all asleep by the time we got here. Logan was lounging with his feet up on the suitcases and seat belt around his upper torso, fully reclined in the third row. Tom and I spent some of the trip writing notes back and forth on the Nintendo DS which is kind of fun. Ethan made it about half way when he told us he was, "really sleepy. Can I close my eyes?" Why he thinks he has to ask to go to sleep is beyond me but it still makes us chuckle every time.

All the Bishop men are out on the four wheelers right now. They love riding them and Gary lets Tom and Logan drive so they can't wait to get on them first thing in the morning. Logan needs to drive alone and that is why the other one is so over-loaded but they have a good time.

Friday, March 20, 2009


I am so happy that spring is finally here. The boys have been outside for three days straight. We put up the trampoline and even Dylan can get on by himself already. The kid loves to bounce. The older boys are pretty good about not jumping when he's on the tramp too. Or at least stopping when he cries. They are boys after all.

Between the black socks from the trampoline, the chalk dust on the couches from coloring their pants along with the sidewalks, and the sand piles under ever pile of shoes, it's pretty obvious in our home that spring has arrived.

This weekend we are heading to Ontario, Oregon to visit Grandpa Larson, aunts and uncles and cousins galore. It should be a fun few days. We don't make it to the farm often enough and we seldom get there in the springtime so it will be fun for the boys to be outside riding four wheelers, shooting their guns with Gary, and seeing the farm green instead of brown. I'll try and take lots of pictures to upload when we get back next week.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wrangler Butt and Tub Rings

Since we've been slacking at posting lately, we've racked up several post-worthy photos. The first is our definition of tub-ring. Can you say first date black-mail?

This next picture is exactly how Wrangler butt looks in our house. Ethan is the only one with Wranglers which he LOVES to wear. Too bad the kid has no hips to hold them up and a belly to push them down. Even with the adjustable waistband securely tightened they creep.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Temple Square

Last Friday we decided to take the boys to Utah for the day. Usually when we head South, we are going to see family so we haven't really taken them to Temple Square in years.

Gary did some research and we drove to Ogden where we boarded the Front Runner train that took us to Salt Lake. It was a blast. Since we got there about 10:30, we had the train pretty much to ourselves. I guess Utah didn't have parent teacher conference last weekend and there isn't a huge rush hour at that time in the morning.
The train took us to the central station in Salt Lake and from there we jumped on Trax. The boys loved riding yet another train and Gary and I loved the fact Trax is free in downtown Salt Lake. We took it to Temple Square and started seeing the sights.
Our first stop was the Church Office Building. Even though Gary and I grew up in Utah and took more than one trip to Temple Square, we didn't realize you could go to the roof of the Church Office Building and enjoy an amazing view of downtown Salt Lake. Gary and I loved the view and the boys loved the elevator ride.
From there we went to JB's for lunch. According to Ethan, this was his favorite part of the trip. Go figure. After JB's, we headed over to the Conference Center. Gary helped build the Conference Center so it was great to get an insider's scoop on the different parts. Even though the weather wasn't perfect, our tour guide took us out to the gardens on the roof. It was amazing. They also had an incredible art display throughout the building including the original Book of Mormon paintings depicting different events throughout the Book of Mormon that I remember from my first copy. There were also paintings of each of the prophets an apostles from this dispensation. At one time the boys could name each of them but the only one they knew for sure was Henry B. Eyring (we taught them that his glasses are like a ring around his eye, eye-ring, and it stuck apparently) so I guess we need to spend some Family Home Evenings reviewing again.

Our next stop was the Church History Museum. On the second floor they have a hands-on childrens exhibit that the boys loved. There were puzzles, coloring, dress up, movies, and toys all relating to the theme of "I am a Child of God." It was, what we thought, the icing on the cake.
Tom filling out his "birth certificate."
Dylan holding on to the Iron Rod.Tom speaking from the "pulpit" in the Tabernacle.
Logan speaking from the "pulpit" in the Tabernacle.
Ethan speaking from the "pulpit" in the Tabernacle.

Just as we were making our way back to the elevator in the Museum, we looked over to see President Eyring getting on the elevator. Gary and I said hi and then as the doors closed asked the boys if they saw him. When they said no, Gary took Tom, Logan, and Ethan down the escalator - which was faster than the elevator - and was kneeling down talking to them about President Eyring when the elevator doors opened. I stayed upstairs with the stroller and Dylan. President Eyring saw them and came right over and shook all of their hands! What an amazing man. It reminded me of the bible account of Christ when his apostles wanted to keep the children back because they knew Christ was tired and he said to let the children come unto him. Even though President Eyring is one of the busiest men around with awesome responsibilities, he took the time to shake the hands of three little boys. It is something they will always remember and it is something for which I will always be grateful. We are so incredibly lucky to live in a time where we have a living prophet and apostles. The spirit they carry with them is undeniable. You can feel them enter the room. Even before you see them, you know something is different. Seeing President Eyring was the perfect end to the perfect family day.