Thursday, January 31, 2008

snow shoeing

During Christmas break we had a GREAT time as a family just hanging out and enjoying one another. We went bowling, played games, watched movies and, on the last hurrah before school was back in session, decided to go snow shoeing. We gathered all the gear. We borrowed an additional backpack for Dylan since Ethan would still be riding in his. We got all four pairs of snow shoes loaded into the back of the car. We bundled and layered and bundled some more. We found a place we could park up by Scout Mountain that didn't have a parking fee (go figure, you have to pay to park now in the winter to enjoy the great outdoors.) And then we actually loaded all four kids in the car and set off for the great outdoors.

Logan was NOT interested in the event at all. He kept saying things like, "I don't want to walk. Can't you carry me?" He didn't seem to care that he was almost six and way too heavy and both parents were already carrying a smaller child who actually couldn't walk in snow shoes!

Tom loved every minute of it. Before we had even taken a step up the trail, he was COVERED in snow from head to toe and smiling a huge toothless smile. He's a trooper. Never once did he complain or want to turn around. He just loves being outside and doing cool stuff.

Ethan was sound asleep when we got there which let us bundle the other ones up and get everything almost ready before we woke up the sleeping prince. It was only then that we realized we had everything including snow pants for him except his coat. Luckily we had layered him up already and Tom had left a big sweatshirt in the back of the car. He got in the pack on Gary's back and was happy until the end when he wanted to walk himself. At that point we were almost to the road that was packed down enough he could walk.

Dylan was AWESOME. He loved being in the pack and seeing things from that angle. The only time he let us know he wasn't pleased was when we would stop walking or I would sink in the snow and his snowsuit would touch the ground. That kid is amazing.

So after we had everyone ready to actually set out on this hike, we had already been in the parking lot for over 45 minutes. I told Gary that we had to hike for at least that long even if it killed us. He took us off on our own trail that started straight up. It was pretty steep going for the first 15 minutes which didn't make Logan very happy but the view was so great once we were on more level footing. We didn't go very far but it was just far enough for our little group. About half way through we wanted to take a picture and "raced" to the spot. That changed everything for Logan. He and Tom raced off and came in first with Gary and I trailing behind. Never mind that we each had extra weight on our backs! From there we had Logan choose the path down hill to the road. Gary actually had to pull me out once or twice and I had to take Dylan off my back to get out of the snow a time or two. It was a great afternoon though.

When we got back to the car, I gave Dylan some warm milk and the boys each had a cup of hot cocoa and Logan said he didn't want to go home yet. He was having way too much fun! Boys. What do you get when you mix beautiful winter weather, fresh snow, hot cocoa, and snow shoes? Amazing family memories.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Since the painting continues (very SLOWLY I might add) I haven't had much time to post anything. Gary sent this email out the other day and I thought it would be a great thing to post here as well. So, without further ado, here is our family jello experience as written by my great husband.

I made be getting older, but my maturation rate is not as quick. You will be happy to know that I am learning a few things about parenthood. For instance, I am convinced that the amount of food consumed around the kitchen table at my house has as much to do with current attitudes and salesmanship as with menu selection and appetite. Aironn made a double batch of Jello for dinner the other day. I scooped some onto Ethan's plate and just as he was biting down on it i made a sour face and told him it was yucky. He looked really concerned and wouldn't commit to a bite. Man, he wanted a bite! We had been hyping the jello fora few days and his brothers were getting jello on their plates, but every time he would put his spoon to his lips I would tell him how awful it was.It only took a few repetitions of this before it became funny. My last repetition was a bit slow (I must be getting old). He had the jello in his mouth before I could tell him how gross it was. He started to laugh and blew jello all over both of us and the table. That, of course, caused the other boys to laugh. Logan blew his jello across the other side of the table. Bless Aironn's heart. It was one of the funnest dinners we have had in a while. It really was good jello. Dylan consumed nearly his birth weight of jello. It may be a while before Aironn makes jello for dinner,but we are already looking forward to it!Gary

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Painting, at last

So about four to five months ago, I bought enough paint to paint the living areas upstairs (kitchen, halls, living room) but after having Dylan, I just never got around to it. Yesterday, I couldn't stand it anymore and decided to just see what the color would look like on the walls. I started in the most difficult place to paint figuring if I could cut in around the cabinets, back splash, and other obstacles in the kitchen, the rest would be a breeze. Well, I've only made it around most of one area in the kitchen but I am making progress I guess considering I have only about 20 minutes at a shot and don't have the option to shut down the entire kitchen to the boys for several hours. The good news is, I LOVE THE COLOR - kudos to Amy for helping me pick it out. The bad news is, IT IS GOING TO TAKE MONTHS! I guess a bit at a time it will get done. I have bunko at my house the end of the month so I bet I'll get it done by then but who really knows. Maybe when we have a night together, Gary and I can knock out a few walls and let them dry while the little angels sleep. I just need to keep at it and get the kitchen finished and then the rest can be done in a matter of hours I think. After the color is done, I can go back and start work on the trim which should take quite a bit of time I'm afraid but I can mask off the walls at least. We've lived in our home almost six years, so it's about time we get around to painting. It will feel like a new place once the color is on the walls and the nicks and marks on the trim and doors has been freshly painted over. I can't wait!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Tom's Baptism

I can't believe it. Tom is eight years old already. It really seems like yesterday that I went into labor with him and now, eight years have already passed. On Saturday, January 5th, Tom was baptized. It was an amazing day with family and friends supporting us. The weather was less than great that day and we had family traveling from Utah, Oregon, and Preston, Idaho on some slick wintry roads. The baptism started at ten o'clock and by 10:20, everyone had finally made it. The Stake was in charge of the program and after two talks and a musical number, they began dismissing wards one at a time to do their individual baptism. While the other wards waited, the moms gave a brief biographical sketch of their child. I didn't know we would be asked to give a sketch so I quickly wrote down some notes. I talked about Tom's incredible patience with his little brothers and his ability to teach them. I also talked about some of his favorite things to do like baseball, basketball, soccer, and anything star wars related. I told them of his love of reading and how he always asks to read the first verse of scripture every night and how he loves to write and illustrate his own books to give to people. I hope I said enough for everyone to realize just how great of a little boy he is. Then the time came for him to be baptized. When I saw Gary step down into the font and then turn to reach for Tom's hand to help him in, the Spirit was so strong. I am so grateful that my husband holds and honors his priesthood and is able to baptize our children. He is such an incredible example to the boys. After saying the baptismal prayer, he put Tom under the water and just after he was fully immersed, a foot popped up making us wonder if he would need to do it again but the witnesses, Clyn Bishop and Brandon Streadbeck gave Gary the all clear.

Once Gary and Tom went back into the dressing room, I began to feel helpless. I wanted to help get Tom ready to come out but I couldn't go in there. I worried that they had forgotten something so I sent Kevin in to check for me. Finally, they both came out looking great. Tom was wearing his new suit with his big tie that actually has to be tied instead of a clip on and he looked so handsome.

Next, Gary gave Tom the gift of the Holy Ghost followed by a blessing that was incredible for him. He blessed him with physical, mental, and spiritual strength. He also blessed him with the ability to discern right from wrong and then the courage to choose the right and be an example to his friends. He blessed him that he would be a great missionary and with patience. He also blessed him that he would be a good example to his younger brothers. It is always amazing to me how the priesthood works. Talking to Gary afterwards, he was surprised about some of the things that were said in the blessing and different parts of the blessing stood out to different people that were standing in the circle or sitting in the audience. The Spirit works in marvelous ways. The men standing in the circle were: Gary, Kevin Bishop, Lance Bishop, Clyn Bishop, Ryan Larson, Oliver Larson, and Brandon Streadbeck.

After the baptism and confirmation were over, we all went back to our house for lunch. We had some "San Pete Chicken," dutch oven potatoes, rolls, cookies, green salad, and fruit salad. The people that came were: Irene Larson, Ryan Larson, Melissa Larson, Connor Larson, Austin Larson, Sunnie Streadbeck, Brandon Streadbeck, Oliver Larson, Ashley Larson, Demi Larson, Taylee Larson, Chaney Larson, Clyn Bishop, Leslie Bishop, Kevin Bishop, Amy Bishop, Cohen Bishop, Shane Bishop, Angie Bishop, Lance Bishop, Celeste Bishop, Brandon Moss, Coleen Moss, and Kristine Mullen - Tom's teacher from Primary.

It was a very special day filled with the Spirit that I hope Tom remembers for the rest of his life.