Sunday, November 15, 2009

Can You Say Oops?

We've been working on painting again. It isn't easy to paint around four little people and keep the paint where it is suppose to be. We had done a pretty good job all day. Painted the hall two coats, touched up a couple high traffic areas in the kitchen, and started painting the one wall we had planned to paint in the living room. I am in charge of all the cut in and Gary does the roller after I'm done. I was up on my trusty step ladder with the bucket of paint on the ever-so-trusty shelf when........

It all happened it slow motion but I was unable to move. The shelf gave way, my bucket dropped, and paint was everywhere. Gary did his best to get it off our front door but our door may now get a fresh coat of white paint. At least none of it got on the couch!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Polar Express

Every year, the Grand Canyon Railway transforms into the Polar Express, complete with hot cocoa and cookies served by chef's on the train, Santa's village, and a visit from the special man himself. Gary and I had talked about wanting to go but figured it would be next year at the earliest. The tickets can be quite pricey. That's when being the entire Primary in the branch paid off in a big way. A member of our branch works for the company that runs the Polar Express and they were offering tickets to their employees and their families for their last training run before it opened to the public. She immediately called her boss to see if she could extend the offer to her "church family" and, once she had the stamp of approval, we were set.

It was such an adventure! We met at our house and drove to Williams together. Star Broward and Cheryl Jacob joined us for the trip and we couldn't have asked for better company. About ten minutes outside of Williams - it's about an hour drive - Ethan said he didn't feel well. I blew it off to being tired. First mistake. Two seconds later, he said he felt like he was going to throw up. Gary couldn't stop for a minute or so. Second mistake. Poor Star was in the backseat right next to him. Third mistake. He threw up all over himself and we pulled over as soon as there was a spot. Poor guy drank his whole juice box in about ten seconds and it make him sick we think.

Luckily, we had a spare pare of pj's for him in case he had an accident on the train. In about five minutes we had him changed, the car cleaned up, everyone buckled back in and were on the road. It was record time. Thank goodness he didn't share the joy with Star and she, being a grandma herself, was very gracious and understanding. I think Cheryl was more than grateful she had the other door and didn't sit next to Ethan!

Once we got to Williams, we hurried to the train and got on with only about ten minutes to spare. Whew! It was so fun. The train was built in 1923 so it was a real treat to be on such a treasure. Okay, so I love trains.
Here are the boys right before the train started going. Logan kept that look most of the night and Tom was pretty much along for the ride. The little two though, got more and more excited every minute.

We started moving and the chefs passed out hot cocoa and cookies. The train passed through a "tunnel" and we were then going warp Santa speed to the North Pole. Once we passed the tunnel, they read the book and showed the boys the pictures to get them ready. In about 20 minutes, we were at the North Pole complete with Santa and his reindeer and a couple of his elves. It was great. Ethan and Dylan are the perfect age for this kind of adventure and their eyes were as big as saucers. Tom and Logan were trying to be cool and enjoyed it but didn't want anyone to know they liked being there. I think they are on the edge of believing. Sniff, sniff.

This picture has Star on the left and Cheryl on the right. They were such great sports all night. It's also one of the last pictures before Ethan had his trademark chocolate ring around his entire mouth.
Once we were at the North Pole, the boys all got to wave at Santa sitting on his sleigh outside the train window. After stopping for a minute just past the North Pole, the train started heading back past Santa's village and this time he wasn't standing in his sled. The boys couldn't figure out where he went until they announced that he was on the train. Boy did Ethan and Dylan's eyes light up!
I was worried about how Dylan would handle Santa. He is my most reserved child and I knew he would start screaming but when Santa came up to him and handed him his own bell - like in the story - he said thank you and smiled. Ethan was beaming of course. Once Santa left, we all sang Christmas carols.
One trip on the Polar Express and your Christmas Spirit will definitely be in high gear. It was awesome. Thanks Star!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Halloween started Friday night with pumpkin carving. This was Dylan's first experience with carving a pumpkin. Okay, so he did it last year and we carved one for him the year before but this time he was really involved. He gutted the pumpkin and must enjoy the flavor because he kept licking his hands after each time inside the pumpkin grabbing slimy pumpkin guts. YUCK! He had it in his hair, on his clothes and all over his face. At least he enjoyed himself!
Here is Thomas and his pumpkin creation. He carved it all by himself this year I think - I was busy making dinner and Gary was in charge.

Yet again this year Thomas and Logan chose to be Star Wars characters. He is Bobba Fett this year I think. I get them confused. I don't know the whole Star Wars lineage like my men folk do.
Logan, always the poser for pictures and his pumpkin.

He was so funny when we were taking his picture with his costume. He is Jango Fett I think. I may have Tom and Logan's names confused though. He had to have the attached shoulder cape in the picture. The kid makes me laugh!

The younger two aren't as thrilled with Star Wars yet. Ethan wanted to be Spiderman this year and was so impressed with his muscles. He kept saying things like, "If I run into something while we are trick-or-treating, it won't hurt because I have these spongy things for muscles to protect me."

Ethan isn't one to follow the crowd. He chose a fish shape for his pumpkin this year and Gary made it happen complete with fin. Loved the design!

Dylan literally loved his pumpkin. He picked one of the smallest ones to chose from and loved every inch of it. I think he liked being able to pick it up all by himself. It was hard to keep his hands off of it!

This is the only picture I have of Dylan with his whole outfit on. He loves Batman and calls him "Meman" for some reason. He would let the cape/mask be on just because I told him I needed a picture. Once the picture was done, the cape was off and I couldn't get it back on. Loved his muscles.