Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Missing Dad

The boys usually handle Gary's fire assignments pretty well. We count down the days, circle the approximate date he's coming home on the calendar, and leave rambling messages for him every night after prayers. For some reason this assignment is hitting Tom harder than others. Gary's only been gone a few days and he's already tearing up at night. He has such a soft heart at times.

I left Gary a message last night asking him to call if he got a chance to talk to his boys. First thing this morning, the phone rang. He got my message and made it a priority to talk to each of them for a few minutes. Tom was beaming! After listening to them, I realized their conversations are SOOOOO different. Tom wants to hear something cool that happened. Ethan wants to know if he saw any animals. Logan is all about the statistics: fire size, number of people, helicopters, etc.

I love how Gary responds to their needs individually. He is a great father and really makes the time spent with them count - whether it is on the phone or in person. I know it is also hard for him to be away but he does it for the family. I'm lucky to have such a great husband and father!


Laura said...

Oh this made me smile. it;s so funny how the boys are so different and so interested in different things. Gary has always been an awesome older brother, And I know that has carried over to being a dad. Keep us posted on her where abouts and how he is doing.

Chase & Dani said...

I think that's so cute how they all have their different questions for him....
I know just what you're saying...I remember when I was little, standing outside crying and waving bye to dad as he left for another fire!
(and I think it still happens at my house...but it's when one of the kids are in trouble, they cry and cry for 'dad'!)

Anonymous said...

What a great father and husband. Such a great tribe you have.