Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy to be Home

We went to American Fork for the weekend for a baby shower and made it home last night. We were only gone two nights this time which made packing so much lighter and easier! I always think it is fun to watch the boys reactions to being home.

Tom is pretty easy going. He is happy to be at Grandma's or happy to be home. The only thing that bothers him about coming home is the end of staying up WAY late and getting back into the regular routine. He gets so tired playing when we are away that even though he wants to stay up until midnight, he is usually crying over everything and nothing after about eight. This was the case last night when it was bedtime but he was out about the time his head hit the pillow.

Logan is about the same away and home. He is my argumentative kid lately and he can do that here or at Grandma's just as easy. It doesn't seem to phase him where he is.

Ethan is my happy go lucky kid. He is always sad when he has to leave Grandma's but he is happy to have his toys and bed and stuff around him.

Dylan, on the other hand, is CRAZY when we get home. He practically runs from room to room like a mad man, touching everything as if to make sure it is still there. He sits and laughs to himself like he can't believe the luck - he is actually is home. He'll play with one toy for a minute and then move on quickly to another one. He's been climbing on everything, playing the piano, emptying my cup cupboard and pulling down my dish towels with complete joy. I've watched him all morning just enjoying it.

I love how different they all are.


Burrup Family said...

That is funny! I think I am like Dylan and like to come home. I probably don't get as excited but I do understand him.