Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What Will His Little Fingers Do All Day?

Ethan had some bad news. If you are four and a half, it is terrible, life altering news. His Nintendo DS is broken. Won't charge, won't power up, won't let his little fingers push the buttons moving Mario around the imaginary Mario world. Broken.

The DS became part of Ethan at Christmas and isn't often far from his side. He is the only Bishop boy so far that needs playing limits. If we didn't set them, he'd sit on his bed with his little thumbs moving all day. He loves the thing and loves Mario almost as much. Knowing how much time he spends playing it, I was a bit apprehensive when my research led me where it did. I have to send the DS in for repairs to Nintendo. It could be two, maybe even three, weeks before he gets it back. OH THE HORROR!

He actually took the news very well. Acted like it was no big deal at all in fact. Luckily the warranty doesn't take me filling in the card and mailing it back to activate. It activates as soon as it was scanned the day after Thanksgiving and is good for a year. A ray of sunshine in the gloom.

Now to find a Fed Ex drop off in the middle of no where..........