Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tom Turns Twelve!

Thomas turned twelve the end of December. How can my baby boy be so big? I don't think I was really prepared for the milestone twelve is in a young man's life. I was ready for five and getting ready for Kindergarten. I was ready for eight and being baptized. I think I am ready for the magical age of 16 and dating and driving. Even 19 and a mission is something I see on the horizon as being a big deal. For some reason, 12 didn't enter in as one of those big birthdays.

It is a big birthday though. We don't usually celebrate Tom's birthday in December. We do a half birthday in June. He was born so close to Christmas that I wanted his birthday to be about him and not about what energy and financial resources we have left over after Christmas. This year was going to be a bit different.

We had been talking about taking Tom to the temple on his twelfth birthday for quite some time. I didn't think of all that would have to go into making that happen. I thought we would just get an interview set up and get him a recommend and then go to the temple. Easy peasy. Thank goodness I have very patient and loving priesthood holders around me to guide me through the process.

In order to go to the temple, Tom had to have the priesthood. In order to get the priesthood, he needed an interview with the Bishop and then be presented to the ward. After all that was done, he could be ordained on his birthday. Our Bishopric is amazing. They did his interview early and presented him on Christmas Sunday. Then, they came over bright and early on Tom's birthday to be present for his ordination.

Gary ordained him to the office of a Deacon. Wow. What an amazing thing to have my husband confer that awesome power on my son. He gave him a great blessing and the spirit was so strong. Afterward, Gary said he knew his Dad was there with us. I don't doubt it. His first grandson was entering a new and important phase of his life.

Shortly after we headed to the Mount Timpanogos Temple to do baptisms. There were a ton of kids waiting. The line was so long that, even though we had our own names, we could only do five a piece. We waited almost an hour at the font before it was our turn and I got to see Gary lead Tom into the font and be baptized for those who have gone on before. AMAZING!

Tom loved every minute of it. He has asked several times since when we can go back. He wants to do baptisms in all the temples he can he said. We are going up again in a couple of weeks and taking Tom's cousin, Connor, with us.

I hope the experience will be one that helps to strengthen Tom in the trying times ahead. The teenage years are never easy and it seems as if they are getting even more difficult. He is such an amazing young man that has so much compassion, a great sense of humor, and a work ethic that I don't see very often these days. I am so proud to call him my son!