Friday, January 20, 2012

Summer in January

 We took advantage of the beautiful spring like weather for Martin Luther King Jr. Day and took off for Devil's Kitchen. Three of the boys and I played here last summer during our Adventure Week but Gary and Logan hadn't been here yet. We loved it!

The boys hiked around the rocks. I say hiked, Gary says climbed. Either way, we were outside enjoying the 50 degree weather and getting a bit of exercise. They found caves and holes and all sorts of things to do. They didn't want to leave for quite a while. In fact, they still weren't too happy about leaving even when we told them we would be going shooting next.  That is the sign of a good family activity. Everyone is happy and no one wants to move on to the next activity. I am truly blessed that we have boys that enjoy being outside and don't have to be "plugged in" every minute!