Thursday, August 11, 2011

Adventure Week Day Three

Any idea what we did for Adventure Week day three?
There is a petting zoo at a gas station in Scipio. We've been to the gas station several times because there is also a Dairy Queen there that has an amazing BLT. It's not every day you can get your car gassed up, eat a quick snack and play with an eclectic mix of animals.
I was a bit worried that this would be the most boring day ever for Tommy Boy but he really enjoyed it I think. I told him on the way that this adventure may be geared more toward Ethan and Dylan since he was heading out with the scouts tonight on an overnighter. At first I thought he was just being a good sport but he really didn't want to leave when it was time. The kid never ceases to amaze me.

Dylan on the other hand was not as thrilled as I had anticipated. I had a hard time getting a picture of him even close to any animals much less touching them. It may have been that they were about the same size and could look him in the eye. After about 20 minutes, he turned to me and said, "Mom, this place is freaking me out." He was ready to go and after announcing it in such a cute four-year-old way, I couldn't refuse.
Ethan loved, loved, loved it. If only he was a bit taller so he could reach over the fences to pet the ostriches and horses though. He followed Tom around and pet all the animals and had a huge beaming smile the whole time.
The donkey was loving Tom. He loved him so much in fact that he wanted to take a bite right out of him. Didn't phase Tom one bit. I think he's going to love growing up in the country setting. I'm just hoping the neighbor's donkeys, mules, and horses are enough for him. I just don't see any of them in our future backyard plans.
He named the goat on his lap Buddy. It would follow him around and if he sat down, it would climb right on. I didn't know goats could be lap dogs!
I was always taught that you don't put your hand in a dark tunnel in some rocks but here they are, all elbow deep. The rocks, and netting shade canopy, were home to lots of bunnies. If anyone found one in a hole, they all had to run over and try to pet them. Poor bunnies. Even Dylan got in on the act for a while.

I think I've learned my lesson about guessing who will enjoy what activity. Here I thought Dyl would love it and he was scared to even get close to most of the animals. I thought Tom would be a bit bored and he enjoyed every minute. Ethan was the only one that responded like I thought.

This has turned into a fun tradition for us and I'm excited for the next few days of adventures before school starts. I'm really excited for Logan to come home on Sunday and start joining us for some of them too! I miss that little man!