Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Adventure Week Day Two

After yesterday's excursion, I thought I'd better plan a bit better for today's adventure. I knew where we were going to go. I knew how to get there. I bought lunch supplies yesterday. I even remembered the camp chair for me to sit in and do some work while the boys were playing.
We headed out right before lunch with a cooler, blanket, and my trusty camp chair and headed south. When we got to the park in Kanosh, we pulled over and the boys asked, "We are going to the park?" They didn't sound terribly excited which had me a bit worried. It's a risk you take when you plan a week of surprise adventures. We piled out of the car anyway.

A new playground is always an adventure. This one had the old school metal slide that was tall enough that Dylan climbed up it and then back down the ladder because it was too tall for him.

It had the new big toy with slides and ladders and bridges to climb on and explore and chase each other through.

There were three horses that the boys were riding the range on. Here they are trying not to get bucked off during their eight second ride.

It had the swing set and the spider web to round out the toy selection. There were huge trees sharing their shade with our picnic blanket, my chair, and most of the toys. It was awesome.

That is until it wasn't. At first I was just a bit annoyed by the flies. I even moved us to another spot hoping that the fly problem was just a localized issue.  Nope. They were down right awful!

 The boys played and fought and played and fought and played and fought. Finally, between the flies and the fighting, I had had enough and called it a day. It was still a pretty good adventure day. We went somewhere we had never been before and did something we don't do every day. They had a great time playing on all the toys when they weren't fighting and I had a great time outside with my kids. They even took some photos of each other up in one of the trees.

Tomorrow's adventure is still a mystery. I can't seem to decide on the perfect place or activity. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.